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The Beyond Beautiful movement and book series exists to inspire, empower, and remind young girls all around the world that they are BEYOND BEAUTIFUL

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The Beyond Beautiful movement reminds young girls that they have tremendous inner qualities, that when nurtured and unlocked, have the power to help them overcome any situation in life and change the world!

Our mission is simple: to provide the keys to young ladies globally, not unlocking the doors for them, but allowing them to do this for themselves as we help hold the door open.

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Introducing the Beyond Beautiful Girls Empowerment Academy

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The Beyond Beautiful Girls Empowerment Academy was founded by a pediatrician and public health specialist, Dr. Jasmine Zapata. She is passionate about addressing the need for more mentorship and socioemotional skill development for young girls.

Self Esteem, Self Worth, Resilience, Study Tips, Mentors, Music, Purpose, Affirmations, Self Care Tips, Excitement about reading Belonging, Confidence, Fun, Friendships, Memories, and more!

The Beyond Beautiful Empowerment Academy is a unique, evidence-based program aligned with national education standards and centered around eight core objectives including:

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Developing Skills

Developing tangible skills for studying, self-care, and overcoming obstacle


Building Confidence

Discovering our inner beauty and self-worth


Health and Wellness

 Highlighting the importance of self-care and implementing a personal wellness plan


Exploring Creativity

Integrating the power of music and creative arts as a tool to regulate emotions and thoughts

...and more!

The academy personifies the lessons, tips, and skills in the Beyond Beautiful book series with the added bonus of mentorship and group coaching for the Beyond Beauties in your life. Whether live or virtual, a full academic year or semester-long, The Beyond Beautiful Empowerment Academy can be tailored to suit every unique group of young girls.


Beyond Beauties enrolled in the Empowerment Academy will unlock invaluable access to:






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The Beyond Beautiful Empowerment Academy pushes young women from potential to purposeful. Schools, community organizations, parents, mentors, and so many other entities have trusted The Beyond Beautiful Team in making a lifelong impact in the lives of their young girls.


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